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Sunday, May 23, 2010

**Sweet Baby JennaLee**

This sweet Angel was so much fun to play dress-up with all my new props! We had such a fun time taking these pictures! I seriously could not get enough of this baby! Nothing in the world is more precious and perfect than a brand new baby! The mom had her other kids with their grandma so we could just have a quiet time doing these pictures. This baby could not have been more perfect! She slept while we put her in and out of little props and when she was awake she was so happy! It was honestly a perfect shoot! Thanks Melinda and congrats on your gorgeous baby JennaLee!!!

Probably my new favorite picture ever!!!

Could she look any cuter in this?

My talented 10-yr-old Bailey made this darling hat right before this photoshoot for me to use! I loved it and it fit her just right! She is such a creative little girl! Thanks Bai!!!

I loved how her mom had her room painted!!! Such fun colors!

I love this picture! Melinda looks gorgeous and such a proud mommy!


  1. Melanie, you do such an awesome job! Thanks for taking the time to make such precious memories for me! MeLinda

  2. So Adorable Melanie i am excited for you to take my pictures!!